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About Douglas County, Nevada

Douglas County, Nevada is located in the western half of the state. It is situated just 15 minutes south of the state capital of Carson City. The county seat of Douglas County is Minden.

As of 2020, the population is just over 48,900. The total area is 738 square miles with a majority of it being land and at least 20 square miles of water.

Douglas County is home to the first ever permanent settlement in the state of Nevada. Mormon settlers in 1851 founded the town of Genoa. This served as a commerce area where Mormons would trade goods with settlers that were traveling to California.

Douglas County received its namesake from Stephen Douglas, a US Senator who ran against Abraham Lincoln in the 1860 Presidential Election. In 1861, Douglas County was established as one of the first counties in Nevada (before it entered the US as a state).

Among one of its notable points of interest is Lake Tahoe.

The lake straddles the Nevada/California border and serves as one of the premier tourist destinations in the United States. Douglas County is home to a number of mountains including the Pine Nut range and the Carson Range of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The highest point in Douglas County is East Peak, which has an elevation of 9593 feet. Its most prominent mountain in the area is Mount Siegel, which has an elevation of 9456 feet and located in the Pine Nut Mountain Range.

Douglas County is a place where outdoor lovers can enjoy it all. Whether it’s fishing, boating, skiing, and everything in between, Douglas County has it all.

Douglas County is also a little famous for a few things aside Tahoe. It’s one of the sites where some classic films were made including “Misery”, based on the novel by Stephen King.

About The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department was established in 1861, around the same time when Douglas County was established. It is the only law enforcement agency serving numerous localities in Douglas County. The department has over 109 sworn deputies as of 2021.

The department lives up to its motto of ‘A Tradition Of Service’. They are proud to serve the many municipalities in the area and do their part to make Douglas County, Nevada a safe place to live, work, and play.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department has five divisions within its department. They include the following:

Civil Division: Handles all civil and criminal cases in Douglas County. The division consists of two Sheriff’s deputies and a secretary. There are two civil deputies that serve as bailiffs in both district courts in Douglas County.

Investigation Division: The responsibilities of the Investigation Division includes investigations that are beyond the scope of regular investigations that are performed by the deputies and field officers of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department. The crimes that are investigated by this department are criminal acts against persons and properties. They also investigate cases related to narcotics, cyber crimes, and other relevant cases within their purview.

There are two teams within the Investigation Division: the Street Enforcement Team and the Task Force. The Street Enforcement Team or SET performs undercover operations in drug trafficking cases that are ongoing in Douglas County.

The division is also involved in task forces that cover multiple jurisdictions.They include the Net Narcotics Task Force (in conjunction with the Nevada Division of Investigations and the Carson County Sheriff’s Office), the Tri-County Gang Unit (in partnership with the Sheriffs offices of Carson and Lyon counties), and the FBI Safe Streets Task Force (partnering with the FBI, Carson City Sheriff’s Office, and the South Tahoe Lake Police Department).

Patrol Divisions and Units: The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department has several divisions and units within its Patrol division. They include a bike patrol, K9 unit, Coroner’s office, crisis hostage negotiation, Marine Boat Patrol, School Resource Officers, and other divisions that are responsible for civil and criminal incidents in Douglas County.

The General Patrol Unit is responsible for the apprehension of criminals, general field investigations, maintaining the peace, crime prevention, and public service. Each specialized division is sworn to uphold the law and fulfill the duties and responsibilities of their respected role.

Deputies and law enforcement officials within these special divisions and units are trained in various disciplines. For example, crisis hostage negotiators are specially trained deputies and sergeants. Their chief responsibility is working through an active crisis to ensure that there are minimal risks on life whether it is a hostage situation or if a person appears to be suicidal or barricaded during a standoff.

On the crisis negotiation team is an on-staff psychologist that will do an analytical profile of the subject in question. They will provide an observation and can suggest the appropriate dialogue while negotiators are in contact with the subjects involved.

Another special unit is the Bomb Squad. They are specialists in situations regarding explosives, bombs, shock sensitive materials, and other similar items. They have special training in medical procedures, firefighting, hazardous materials, and criminal investigation. At the end of the day, it is a unit of the Sheriff’s Department that can do it all.

The current Douglas County Sheriff is Daniel Coverely. Prior to becoming sheriff in 2019, Coverely served as a member of the department since 1997. He has worked in numerous divisions including the jail, investigations, and as a member of the SWAT team.

He has previously worked for the Albuquerque, NM Police Department and has worked in various departments throughout the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

About The Douglas County Jail

The Douglas County Jail is located in Minden. It is located on the grounds of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. Currently, there is no inmate search for those who may be currently incarcerated at the jail. If you want information on jail bookings or inmates that may currently be serving their sentence, contact the Douglas County Jail for more information.

Inmates who have been incarcerated in the facility for seven days or more are subject to receive visitation during their sentence. Visitations are non-contact and are scheduled on an appointment only basis.

During visits, visitors must follow these rules: they must be 18 years of age and must procure a photo identification prior to entry. Second, they must wear proper attire. Clothes that are prohibited include clothing that may indicate gang signs or slogans, clothing that may reveal or make areas of the body such as the breast or genitalia visible, or any clothing that may contain graphic or offensive language or photos.

Visitations can be done virtual as of December 2020. Via Securus Technologies, visitors can speak with inmates virtually using the Securus mobile app. After setup, visitors can follow the instructions that include searching for the Douglas County video visitation option.

If you have any prescriptions or medications that need to be delivered to an inmate, you will need to drop it off at the Douglas County Jail’s administration office from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. If you need to drop it off after hours, you can call the jail administrator on duty.

Prescription and medications do include prescription eyewear. However, if you are delivering contact lenses and lens solution, they must be delivered in a sealed container. If you are dropping off any special medication or items, they will need to be approved by the jail’s medical staff before it is dropped off.

If you are planning to send mail to an inmate, letters can sent via the US Postal Service. There are no restrictions on the number of letters and inmate can receive. However, sending packages and boxes are prohibited. Please note that jail staff will open and inspect mail coming into the jail before it is handed off to the inmate.

The address that you can send mail to an inmate can be addressed as follows:

[Name of Inmate]

PO Box 1777

Minden, Nevada 89423

Soft covered books, magazines, and newspaper subscriptions can be mailed to inmates. Subscriptions can also be mailed directly to inmates if they are serving a long-term sentence. Materials that contain profanity that is of sexual, racial, or ethnic nature is prohibited. Materials that threaten the jail will also be prohibited.

Any excess items that are stored in an inmate’s cell will be discarded at the discretion of the jail staff. Magazines, soft covered books and newspapers can only be sent at two items maximum.

The telephone policy will apply to inmates making outside collect calls via payphone. These phones are available for use from 8AM to 10PM. Inbound calls and messages to inmates using these phones are prohibited.

Inmates will have the option to purchase a phone card via the commissary every Thursday. Inmates can also have a prepaid calling account set up that can be used in order to make collect calls. When an inmate uses the phone, their account will be charged for every call that they make.

Inmates can access the commissary every Thursday. If you are depositing money into an inmate’s account for the commissary, you can be able to do that Mondays through Fridays between the hours of 8AM and 5PM at the jail administrator’s office. You can do this using cash, credit or debit. Personal checks and over the phone credit/debit transactions are prohibited.

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